Servo motor, encoder connection harness
Industrial Ethernet Precast Connector Harness
Industrial fieldbus communication protocol wiring harness
CNC system wiring harness
Robot body harness
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Wuxi Qichen Automation Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D, production, and sales of industrial automation control and drive connection systems. It provides comprehensive electrical connection solutions and products from the network layer, control layer, and equipment layer to industrial automation with independent intellectual property rights. Based on technology, the company adheres to convenient, easy-to-use, high-efficiency and reliability in the production and operation process, and provides its customers with tailor-made product business models to achieve the common growth of corporate value and customer value.
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  When you walk into a wire harness manufacturing plant, your first impression is definitely that it's messy and messy, and it makes people feel uncomfortable. However, in fact, these lines are also regularly followed. Below, Kai Chen Automation will take you to understand the process of manufacturing the next wire harness.